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Travel in style - get there all electric

Join the charge, and be part of the community-led e-Bike future!

Our Story

We want you to travel in style

We believe that sustainable electric mobility should be for everyone, and should represent style and modern technology. But above all, we believe in community, and so we want to together with you, build the best e-Bikes in the world! Boundless Together.


What e-Bike suits you?

We want the community to decide what type of e-Bikes they want, and what for, and then we'll build them together! As a starting point, which one of these concepts do you like the most?


An e-Bike that will get you anywhere, and then you can take it with you. Convenience is king, tuck it under your office table, take it on the metro, or even charge it in the trunk of your VinFast vehicle. Where would you take it?

Long saddle

Built to cruise the city streets and parks, from your studio to the trendiest cafe, we believe an e-Bike should be practical and stylish at the same time. What do you think?


Get there in style. Get there fast. The perfect blend of performance and sustainable power. These slick lines remind us of architectural wonders that zip past as you zoom by. Where would you go?


Travel in style

Together we champion personalization, and it all begins with the right colors. What suits you?

Golden Rod Yellow/Green Mantis

Iceberg Mint / Smoke Tree orange

Camo / Black

Old Gold Yellow / Carbon

Sangria Red / Rust Orange

DODGER BLUE / Mortar grey

White / Fallow Brown

Light Grey / Manatee Blue

Sun Orange / Mortar Grey

Tranquil Grey / Mahogany Red

Parchment Yellow / Nero Grey

Petite Orchid / Charm Pink

Bluemine / Dim Grey

Carbon / Black

Dark Red / Mortar Grey

Electric Lime Green / Mortar Grey

Siam Green / Kokoda Green

Wild Blue Yonder / Amulet Green

Mist Grey / Nero Grey


Make it yours, for your needs

You might need your dream e-Bike to perform in different situations, so we want to provide upgrades and accessories that make your life easier. Which of these sound good to you?